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I think CA packages the important elements of learning for exams wonderfully. There is no better tool out there to gain confidence in your ability to pass an exam.

Samuel Exam PA student

The content is high quality and it encourages you to learn the material the way you need to know it for the exam. And yet, there's also quite a bit of freedom to study the way you prefer.

Paul Passed PA with Coaching Actuaries

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Nice to Knows: Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled this FAQ to answer common questions about this exam and serve as a resource for your preparation. If your question isn't answered here, please reach out to our support team. We're here to help you navigate your actuarial journey!

  • You won’t be coding on the exam, but you may need to recognize a small amount of R code. In contrast, the exam focuses on outputs generated in R from specific analyses and models.

  • The choice is yours, but many take FAM first because the exam format is multiple-choice. 

  • Since PA is not a multiple-choice exam, practicing for it is more challenging. First, we recommend attempting a few of the recent past exams. Some older ones have outdated elements, but they can still be useful to review as well as discuss on our site. Next, attempt our original mock exams that are modeled after the past exams. We also have several focus questions throughout Learn that are ‘bite-sized’ and hone in on specific topics.