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You want to become an actuary, and we have everything you need to get there. Get high-quality study materials, personalized guidance, and the confidence you need to excel on your exams.

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Confidence Is Key: Our approach to passing

Our all-in-one solution is tailored to helping you pass. We've got everything you need to succeed, from manuals and video lessons to quizzes and practice exams. Follow our process and we'll get there together, from your first reading to your exam day.

  • Learn the Materials

    Start with the most fundamental step: understanding the complex concepts needed for your exam.

  • Keep Your Studies on Track

    Automatically create a robust study schedule featuring section-specific milestones and deadlines.

  • Stay Engaged

    Taught by expert coaches, our video lessons will hold your attention with learning that's both informative and enjoyable.

  • Reinforce Your Lessons

    Quickly assess your understanding with assignment questions on each concept, created and curated by our coaches.

  • Expert Guidance

    Gain direct access to coaches who have years of experience assisting students and helping them reach their goals.

  • Practice to Pass

    Apply your learning with a comprehensive suite of tools, from dynamic quizzes to realistic practice exams.

  • Build Confidence

    Receive dynamic feedback on your performance and preparedness. Always know what to do next.

  • Find Success on Exam Day

    Walk into your exam feeling confident that you're ready for the challenge that lies ahead of you.

Aspiring Actuary Testimonials: Find your success

There’s no better proof than a happy student. After each exam, we follow up to hear about your success and collect your feedback. Your input ensures your experience here is always improving!

[Coaching Actuaries] has been one of the most reliable study materials I have used.

Ethan Exam FAM student

Coaching Actuaries has proven to be an invaluable resource. The concise and informative videos provided a clear understanding, contributing significantly to my overall success in exam readiness.

Srinand N Hegde Passed Exam FM and Exam MAS-I

World-Class Study Materials: Learn effectively

You will start by learning the material! Master complexities with clear, concise manuals and video lessons. Step-by-step instructions ensure easy comprehension and provide a future reference for each lesson. Banish boredom with dynamic, animated visuals that bring the concepts to life.

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Comprehensive Assessment: Practice efficiently

Once you grasp the content, it's time for Practice. Our interface mirrors real exam conditions to help ease anxiety. Mastery Score® assesses your performance and provides tailored advice, while Earned Level® gauges your readiness on a 0–10 scale through dynamic exams. Need help? Our discussion boards connect you with expert coaches.

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From SOA to CAS, our full suite of courses helps you prepare for your exams. Start your journey with foundational studies and then take on more specialized technical skills.

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