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I felt like I was prepared well for the exam and was confident with almost every answer I put down during the exam. I found Adapt and the summaries of the manual to be the most helpful.

Donovan Passed FAM with Coaching Actuaries

I loved the 'due dates' when I was learning the material and I appreciate the challenging aspect of getting a higher Earned Level by being given harder exams.

Danielle Exam FAM student

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Nice to Knows: Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled this FAQ to answer common questions about this exam and serve as a resource for your preparation. If your question isn't answered here, please reach out to our support team. We're here to help you navigate your actuarial journey!

  • While the study duration varies from person to person, it's typical to invest around 300 hours in preparing for this exam (roughly 100 hours per exam hour). Most students spread their study over three months, dedicating the first two months to learning the material and the final month to solving practice problems. You can use our scheduler to help organize your exam preparation.

  • The order doesn't matter. As long as you cover both parts and spend some time afterward practicing and reviewing the material for each, you will be good.