VEE Course Features

Follow a proven pathway. Coaching Actuaries gives you a clear, efficient way to earn your Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credits, with materials that are accessible on any device.

Study Effectively: Learn with the leading actuarial prep platform

Find a comprehensive solution to fulfill the three-part VEE requirement for achieving your ASA designation. Our online course, approved by the SOA, streamlines the process of earning VEE credits.

    • Requirements for Passing

      Each VEE requirement covers different topics: Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics required for full credit), Accounting & Finance (Accounting and Finance required for full credit), and Mathematical Statistics.

    • CAS Exemption

      If you're on the CAS track to earn your ACAS designation, you are only required to get VEE credit for Economics and Accounting & Finance.

Stress Free: All-in-one VEE experience

Experience a seamless, flexible learning journey, ensuring stress-free acquisition of VEE credits. Our VEE courses feature accessible resources, comprehensive coverage, and simplified scheduling for your final exam.

  • Proctoring Perfection

    • Efficient Scheduling

      Our exam scheduler, launching May 2024, makes it easy to find a proctor for your final exam. You can schedule up to two weeks in advance and feel peace of mind, with no risk of postponement or cancellation. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose a non-CA proctor.

I would recommend coaching actuaries for VEE credit. The self paced nature of the course is very nice.

Amanda VEE Student

I had a great experience obtaining my VEE Accounting credit through Coaching Actuaries. The videos were very helpful in explaining the content while assignments prepared me well for the final exam.

Austin VEE Student

There For You: Direct access to expert coaches

Along the way, you might encounter challenges and need more in-depth explanations. Our discussion forums put you in direct contact with dedicated coaches who have "been there, passed that." We're here to provide the extra support you need and guide you toward earning your required VEE credits.

  • Answers Keep You Moving

    Get personalized answers to questions where you need a little extra clarity or detail. You will receive in-depth responses from our coaches within 2 business days.

  • Built-In Motivation

    Receive encouragement from both our coaches and the community. Engage with fellow aspiring actuaries to deepen your understanding and boost your retention of key concepts.

  • Always Improving

    Hearing from you helps us ensure Coaching Actuaries is always focused on meeting your needs. Share your feedback about your journey, our content, and the platform.

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