SRM Adapt

Get exam-ready efficiently with practice exams that get harder as you get smarter.

Practice Efficiently

Experience the exam format with adaptive practice questions. Take custom quizzes or full-length exams.

Reach Earned Level 7

Performing well on full Adapt exams increases your Earned Level. The higher your Earned Level, the higher the challenge.

Pass the Exam

Surveys indicates that 90% of Adapt users that reach Earned Level 7 or higher pass their exam.


Section Reports

Analytics of your performance across each exam topic help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Question Discussions

Get answers to your specific questions about a practice problem or the exam in general from our community of actuaries.​

Detailed Solutions

Written solutions explain step-by-step how to solve theproblem and others like it.​

Dynamic Difficulty

Adapt gives you harder questions the better you perform, so you get the right question at the right time.


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  • 300+ Practice Questions*
  • Section Reports

*Additional Practice Questions will be added leading up to the September 2018 sitting

Subscriptions of 180 days include 1 Pass Guarantee

*Unlimited Subscriptions last 300 days and include unlimited Pass Guarantees

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Learn SRM Coming Soon

Our Learn products - the Online Manual and Video Lessons - for SRM will be released in stages, starting in late November. You can expect to have all Learn SRM content available in time to effectively prepare for the May 2019 sitting. Sign up via the button below to get alerted when our Learn SRM products have started to become available.

Every Product Includes

Discussion Forums

Our community of actuarial coaches and students answer your questions and exchange study methods.

Study Schedule

A customizable planner to keep you on track and use your study time efficiently.