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Coaching Actuaries gives you the tools to study smarter and pass the Financial Mathematics Exam.

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Dave Kester, FSA, MAAA

Exam FM Video Coach
Attained FSA via the ILA Track

I’ve been helping aspiring actuaries for more than 20 years. When I’m not teaching, I like to read, run, and listen to good math stories. When I was preparing for the actuarial exams, there was nothing like Coaching Actuaries. Now, we combine teaching and technology to guide the next generation of actuarial students.

Product Team

Jia Bin Ho, ASA, CFA, M.B.A.

Exam FM Product Manager
Pursuing FSA via the QFI Track

I graduated from Drake University in 2012. I'm a math geek who likes to travel. My favorite place I've been to is New York City for all the different museums! One of my bucket list is to visit every state in the US.

Exam FM Overview

What To Expect

Exam Details

30 Computer-based, multiple-choice questions

Registration Deadline

May 7, 2024 (Midnight CST)

Exam Duration

2.5 Hours

Next Available Sitting

June 10-21, 2024

Before the Exam

  • Exams You Should Pass First

    None. FM is an ideal first exam for aspiring actuaries, along with Exam P.

  • Exam FM Offerings

    FM is offered 6 times per year in the even months (February, April, etc.).

  • How Do I Register?

    1. Register online at before the registration deadline.
    2. Wait 3-5 business days to receive an email confirmation letter.
    3. Schedule a seat at a Prometric Center.

    Learn more about how to register for official SOA exams on their website.

  • Highest-Weighted Concepts

    Questions related to these concepts will appear the most on the exam.

    1. Annuities
    2. Loans
    3. Bonds
  • Tip from Coach Baron

    “Be friends with your BA II Plus calculator. Know how to use the TVM keys.”

Day of Exam

  • What To Bring:

    • A government-issued photo ID that includes a signature
    • Recommended Calculator: TI-30XS MultiView AND BA II Plus
      (See Other Options)
  • Tip from Coach K, FSA

    “Once you understand the basic principles and business terms, it’s a pretty “straight-forward” exam.”

  • Tip from Coach Baron

    “Two hours into the exam, I was struggling to recall formulas. I thought I was going to fail. But then I decided to just start writing down formulas as they came to me for each question, then solving them to see if my answer matched one of the possible choices. I got a 9.”

After the Exam

  • Getting Your Exam Results

    After you complete your exam, you will receive a preliminary Pass-Fail result. This is not your official final result.

    After approximately 8 to 11 weeks, the SOA will release the list of passing candidates' ID numbers. A few days after this list has been published, you will be able to see your final score in your official SOA transcript when you log into the SOA website.

  • Next Steps

    If FM was the first exam you’ve taken, you should take P next, the other introductory exam. If you have passed P, your next exam will depend on the actuarial society from which you wish to earn your designation.

    SOA Track

    Consider taking FAM or SRM. FAM should be followed by your choice of ALTAM or ASTAM. SRM should be followed by PA.

    CAS Track

    MAS-I is the next exam on your path to the ACAS designation.


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