Preferred Clubs

Partner with Coaching Actuaries to boost your actuarial club's impact! Becoming a Preferred Club opens up exclusive benefits tailored just for you and your fellow aspiring actuaries.

Joining this program gives you access to our most aggressive discounts on CA products—yes, even better than our standard student discounts. You also get discounted CA merchandise and access to great career growth opportunities.

Partner with Us: Become a Preferred Club

To participate in our Preferred Club program, we ask your club select one officer who has passed an exam using CA study materials to represent your club and be the CA Ambassador for a semester. The Ambassador is responsible for the completion of monthly responsibilities and communication with CA and club members. The commitment is for one semester and can be renewed at the end of each semester.

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    Host a tutorial for your fellow students to educate them about Coaching Actuaries' products and services.

  • Share Your Stories

    Post on your choice of social media telling peers in your industry about your own study experiences.

  • Share Goodies

    Distribute discount codes and post promotional materials we provide for you.

Hear from Ambassadors: What they have to say

Here's what our previous ambassadors have to say about our program.

Coaching Actuaries has been instrumental in my exam success and has helped many of our club members. The discounts provided to Preferred Club members make it easy to afford quality study material.

Liam C Preferred Club Ambassador

The Preferred Club has already been extremely generous with the free/discounted merch, free/discounted study materials, free workshops, and more! Thanks so much!!

Kacie O Preferred Club Ambassador

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