Exam FAM-S Details

Below we’ll lay out everything you need to know for your FAM-S exam from registration details to exam day to what to do after you receive your results.


Exams P, Exam FM, and Exam LTAM (no longer offered)

The short-term (S) portion of Exam FAM is built on concepts from P.

Exam FAM-S assumes a thorough knowledge of calculus, probability, and mathematical statistics.

Exam Offerings

FAM-S will only be offered six times: October 2022, March 2023, July 2023, November 2023, March 2024, and July 2024.

Exam Format

20 computer-based, multiple-choice questions

Exam Duration

1.75 hours

Registration Info

Register online at soa.org before the registration deadline.

Upcoming exam window and registration deadline

  1. Jul 10, 2024

    Register by Jun 11, 2024

Exam Day and Results: Things To Keep In Mind

Don't forget your must-haves for exam day! Know what to bring and what to do after you pass the exam

What to Bring

A government-issued photo ID that includes a signature

Recommended Calculator: TI-30XS MultiView
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Exam Results

Because this is a new exam, results for the first several administrations will not be instantaneous. Results will be released on the SOA website about 8 weeks after each testing window ends.

Passing the Exam

Exams to consider include Exam SRMExam PA, and Exam ATPA (if you haven't passed IFM).

You will need to obtain your remaining VEE credits, complete your modules (Pre-Actuarial Foundations, Actuarial Science Foundations, FAP), and fulfill your APC requirements in order to attain your ASA designation.

Expert Tips: Helpful insights from our coaches

Our coaches know this exam inside and out. Check out their expert tips for achieving a passing score.

  • Photo of Jon Lai

    Many topics on the exam are application-based. In going through the exam material, focus on understanding as much as possible from a big-picture perspective.

    Photo of Jon LaiJon Lai Product Manager
  • Photo of Terence Chow

    If you've taken a CBT exam before, the format won't surprise you on exam day. I was pretty much used to the Prometric CBT experience by the time I took this exam's previous version (Exam C), having taken P, FM, and MFE at the same testing center.

    Photo of Terence ChowTerence Chow VP of Product
  • Photo of Larry Saw

    Don't be afraid to skip questions. The CBT platform makes it easy for you to mark a question and come back to it later. Make sure to give yourself enough time to ace easy questions that may be at the end of your exam. Remember, easy questions are worth just as much as hard questions.

    Photo of Larry SawLarry Saw Content Coach

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