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Your actuarial journey continues! Learn fundamental actuarial mathematics, with a focus on life insurance, to pass Exam FAM-L. Our expert coaches, high-quality study materials, and confidence-building assessment tools support your learning in life insurance.

Prepare with Confidence: Embrace new challenges

While tackling Exam FAM-L might seem daunting, our proven method can help you turn your aspirations into a reality:

  • Your comprehensive toolkit.

    Strengthen your foundation of knowledge with Coaching Actuaries. Our platform features everything you need, from manuals and video guides to review materials and prerequisites. Access your one-stop shop to pass Exam FAM-L.

  • Short-term effort, long-term benefit.

    Our expertly crafted content ensures seamless learning from your first reading to your final exam. Count on our coaches to guide you through and make Exam FAM-L one more confident step toward your certification.

  • Overcoming obstacles together

    Get unwavering support, whether you’re facing a technical issue or a difficult assignment question. Our community has your back as you prepare for this exam. We’ll help you reach your exam day and keep you moving forward.

Support You Need: Get to know your team of experts

Receive the support you need to succeed from our dedicated coaches. They respond to most queries within 2 business days on our discussion boards.

  • Dave Kester
  • Tong Teh
  • Jia Bin Ho
  • Shi Yi Wong
  • Derek Koster
  • Jameson Gaertner

Aspiring Actuary Testimonials: A word from our students

There’s no better proof than a happy student. After each exam, we follow up to hear about your success and collect your feedback. Your input ensures your experience here is always improving!

I just got my results and already want to sign up for my next exam through Coaching Actuaries. The study schedule helps keep me on pace before I need to cram practice problems closer to the exam.

Samantha Exam FAM student

I've used CA for as many exams as I could so far, and it's always been helpful in preparing. Adapt questions/quizzes/exams helped me solidify the concepts I learned from the readings and videos.

Shannon Passed FAM-L with Coaching Actuaries

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