About Exam C

Get essential information, tips, and strategies to help you on your Exam C journey in our guide below.

Exam Overview

35 Questions

Computer-Based, Multiple-Choice Test

3.5 Hours

Exam Duration

October 4-10, 2018

Next Available Sitting (As STAM)

August 21, 2018

Registration Deadline (Register by Midnight US Central Time)

Before the Exam

  • Exams You Should Pass First

    Exam P. Exam C is built on concepts from P, covering more technical topics that require mastery of Probability.

  • Exam C Offerings

    C will be offered in February and June of 2018, then it will be replaced by Exam STAM, the first sitting of which will be in October 2018.

  • Should I Take Exam C or STAM?

    If you want to get your ASA before the 2018 SOA transition, February 2018 is your last chance to take Exam C.

    If you don't plan to get your ASA before the transition, you can take Exam C in June 2018 to get credit for STAM, or you can take STAM when it starts being offered in October 2018.

  • How Do I Register?

    1. Register online at www.soa.org before the registration deadline.
    2. Wait 3-5 business days to receive an email confirmation letter.
    3. Schedule a seat at a Prometric Center.

    Learn more about how to register for official SOA exams on their website.

  • Highest-Weighted Concepts

    Questions related to these concepts will appear frequently on the exam.

    1. Aggregate Loss Models
    2. Maximum Likelihood Estimators
    3. Bayesian and Bühlmann Credibilities
  • Tip from Coach Terence, ASA

    "Make sure you give yourself enough time to go through the material. There's a lot of it."

  • Tip from Coach Felicia, ASA

    "If you are like me and you don't like abstract math, do tons of practice questions until you've seen almost every type of exam question."

  • Tip from Coach Jon, M.S.

    "Many topics on the exam are application-based. In going through the exam material, focus on understanding as much as possible from a big-picture perspective."

Exam Day

  • What to Bring:

    • A government-issued photo ID that includes a signature
    • Recommended Calculator: TI-30XS MultiView (See Other Options)
  • Tip from Coach Felicia, ASA

    "Be prepared to do some heavy calculus. I highly recommend you use the TI-30XS MultiView calculator for this exam."

  • Tip from Coach Terence, ASA

    "If you've taken a CBT exam before, the format won't surprise you on Exam Day. I was pretty much used to the Prometric CBT experience by this time, having taken P, FM, and MFE at the same testing center."

After the Exam

  • Getting Your Exam Results

    After you complete your exam, you will receive a preliminary Pass-Fail result. This is not your official final result.

    After approximately 8 to 11 weeks, the SOA will release the list of passing candidates' ID numbers. A few days after this list has been published, you will be able to see your final score in your official SOA transcript when you log into the SOA website.

  • Next Steps - SOA Track

    If this is the last exam you needed for your ASA before the 2018 SOA transition, make sure you have all your VEE credit (especially Applied Statistics), and you've completed your FAP modules and APC requirements.

  • Next Steps - CAS Track

    If you haven't already taken P, FM, and MFE (or MFE's replacement, IFM), you'll want to take those next before moving onto the CAS exams.

    If you have already passed P, FM, and MFE, CAS Exam MAS-I is the exam students typically prepare for next.