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C Will Be Replaced By STAM

C will have sittings in February and June 2018. After that, it will be replaced by Exam STAM. If you aren't planning to sit for C in February or June, we highly recommend you look at STAM.

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The video lessons really helped me solidify my understanding of the material. After going through the manual, I felt I had a general understanding of everything, and a good handle on most topics, but going through the video lessons really helped me to learn the topics I was still confused on while cementing the other subject material in my mind.

Logan, Passed C with Learn

About Exam C

Exam C tests your ability to construct a simple actuarial model from a set of data. Passing this exam shows that you have the knowledge to perform statistical modeling to solve business problems. Exam C will be replaced by STAM starting in October 2018, so consider that when determining which exam to prepare for and when.



Learn everything you need to know to pass the exam in the format you prefer. Utilize in-depth video lessons, ASM's detailed study manual, or a combination of both.

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Practice the exam material efficiently. Build you confidence with dynamic practice exams that get harder as you get smarter. Identify the types of problems you're struggling with and review how to solve them with video and written solutions.

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Get full access to all the tools you need to pass the exam for one lower price. Our Study Bundle gives you a proven process to learn the material, put it into practice, and build your confidence to pass.

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Our community of actuarial coaches and students answer your questions and exchange study methods.

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All the essential exam formulas you need in one place for maximum memorization and rapid review.

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A customizable planner to keep you on track and use your study time efficiently.