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SOA Approved VEE Courses

Coaching Actuaries now offers three SOA-Approved VEE courses

Courses are a study-at-your-own-pace format, allowing you to finish the course anytime within the 120 day subscription. The course is laid out to be studied sections, but you can finish them at your own pace. We offer proctoring for the final exam for only $25, giving you even more flexibility to complete the exam at your own schedule.

In general, this course is efficient and a good choice for me.

Micro Student 2015, Alabama

The course itself is great, the site layout is very intuitive and the assessments were fair.

2015 Micro Student, New Hampshire

I like that it was self paced and offered all year round

2015 Micro Student, Michigan

The videos and quizzes were helpful to understand the material. I liked the work-at-your-own-pace qualities of the courseI thought the difficulty of the exam was fair - there were some straight-forward calculations as well as some theoretical questions that require more thinking. There were technical issues with entering and staying connected to the exam, but support was very helpful.

2015 Micro Student, Pennsylvania

Liked everything. Very nicely setup.

2015 Micro Student, Michigan

I liked pretty much everything, the videos are good quality and reflects the exam difficulty

2015 Micro/Macro Student, New York

High Quality, Video-based Instruction
Qualifies for required SOA VEE Credit
Online course for a flexible study schedule