Support Start Learning

After nine months of strengthening my calculus skills the time had come to begin studying for Exam P. The Coaching Actuaries Deluxe eCourse was an innumerably valuable resource as I prepared for the exam; it enabled me to begin surely and early to study in an effective and organized manner and learn the material necessary and begin to familiarize myself with the types of exam questions I might encounter. After five and a half months of study accumulating over four hundred personal study hours (not including class time in an actuarial science program), I was able to pass Exam P successfully.

The Coaching Actuaries eCourse completely enabled me to take control of my studying; and in order to succeed you have to do the same surely and early.

There are countless resources available at the tip of your fingers thanks to modern technology; be sure to take advantage of these resources surely and early. The earlier one begins studying, the more likely he or she is to recall the information when the time comes. “Slow and steady wins the race” is a good mantra for aspiring actuaries.

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