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We have a streamlined, proven method to help you master the Probability concepts. Coaching Actuaries provides you with videos, study manuals, and practice exams to Raise Your Odds® of passing. Our Exam P prep solutions are available individually or together in the P Study Bundle.

Adapt Exams

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Great for
  • Practice Exams
  • Validating Learning
  • Mastering Math
Top Features
  • Question Bank of 1,209+
  • Earned Level®

Online Manual

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Great for
  • Learning Concepts
  • Topical Reference
  • Learning Mechanics
Top Features
  • Online Format
  • Exam-Focused Content
  • Exercise & Quizzes

Video Lessons + Online Manual

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Great for
  • Visual Learners
  • Concept Review
  • Clear Explanations
Top Features
  • 10+ Hours of Video
  • Video Instruction
  • Problems Solved Visually


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Great for
  • Complete Preparation
  • Mastering P
  • Independent Studying
Top Features
Bundles of Adapt, Manual, or Video
  • 180 Day Subscription
  • Pass Guarantee
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    CFA, FSA
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    Terence Chow

    CFA, ASA
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    Chin Yew Kok


I loved adapt. It was truly a pleasant surprise to go in and find the test easy.

Teri, Detroit, MI

I liked the earned level and that the practice exams gradually build up in difficulty as you take more, improve, and increase your earned level. I felt like I walked into the exam with a good sense of what it would look like.

Lawrence, Dallas, TX

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