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GHC Exam Manual
Detailed & Condensed

Alert: Syllabus Changes
There were changes from the Spring 2017 GHC exam syllabus for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. View a list of the changes on this Excel file. Download a customizable study schedule here.. Core materials are available now. Any updates to the material (i.e. due to syllabus changes) will continue to be made, and will be indicated in the updates section when you log into your account.

A comprehensive resource from Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAA for preparing or reviewing for the exam. The manual use a unique list and bullet-point format that helps you study the material in an orderly and efficient manner. A condensed manual is also included. The manual is updated after each exam to ensure it is current.

The manual's scope is the exam's topical material, as well as an electronic PDF with quantitative questions. Get even more practice with our Complete Seminar or Practice Bundle.

  • Covers Entire Syllabus
  • 618 Pages / 331 Pages
  • Printable PDF
  • Simplified List Format

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Your GHC Coach

Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAAA

Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAA is passionate about helping actuaries pass the Group & Health exams. Colin has been helping actuaries prepare for exams since 2003. He's been teaching the health exams since 2007 through live and online seminars.

Detailed Manual

The detailed study manual is generally in a list type format. There is additional spacing for notes and readability. The manual summarizes the source material but provides more detail than the condensed manual. It explains the key concepts required to pass the exam. This includes detailed and application/critical reasoning exam questions.
  • 618 Pages
  • Printable PDF, no software required
  • Ample spacing for easy reading and note-taking
  • Limited need for cross-referencing

I passed. I appreciate all the help you provided to the students. Especially - I liked the manual - it was well-organized and to the point. It was not too little, not too much. Just the right amount. I admit that I did not buy the textbooks, I did not refer to the source material at all. Your responsiveness to the students' questions and your encouragement to the students were awesome. I'm recommending you to whoever are taking FSA exams. Thanks again!


Condensed Manual

The Condensed Manual is in an outline format that is a good for preparing for list type SOA exam questions. Preparation for application, critical reasoning, and quantitative questions is best found in the detailed manual and in our practice products. The SOA has previously tested material not on the Condensed Summary, so we recommend also referencing the detailed manual.
  • 331 Pages
  • Printable PDF, no software required
  • Preparation for list type questions
  • Useful for reviewing material

Passed!! Thank you, and thanks for putting together a great manual and encouraging us to read every bit of it


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I download the Manual?

    Yes, you may download and use it for your personal studying use.

  • How long is my subscription?

    Access goes through the exam sitting.

  • Is the manual the most recent version?

    The manual is updated after each sitting to ensure it is current. A preliminary manual is posted until the final manual is published.

  • System Requirements

    • We strive to support the last 2 versions of all modern browsers.
    • Works on updated devices with iOS or Android OS.
    • Requires an active internet connection.

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