Our Upgraded Learning Experience Is Ready for You

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Our Upgraded Learning Experience Is Ready for You

Last year, we made a commitment to adapt to the changes happening in the SOA and CAS exams, and we’ve delivered on that promise. But we’re not stopping there.

This week we’ll be releasing a substantial update to our platform, which will provide quality-of-life improvements, performance optimizations, and an overall improved learning experience.

We’ve poured countless hours into planning, design, and development to ensure that our platform is the best it can be. We’re proud to say that you can Count On Coaching Actuaries to continue to support you on your journey to becoming an actuary.

Preparing With Purpose

Breaking Down The Study Process

On Coaching Actuaries, your learning experience is divided into two distinct phases. The result is a more comprehensive, effective approach to exam prep that divides your time between thoroughly learning the material and putting it into practice.

Most significantly, we have now brought all of our practice and assessment tools under Phase 2, including our signature Adapt® exams and Earned Level metric as well as our new Target Practice recommendations and Mastery Score (more on that below).

The combined power of these tools ensures that you walk into your exam with any anxieties lowered and your confidence high!

3 New Learning Improvements

1. Develop Your Game Plan

Make studying less stressful and more planful with our study scheduler, now fully integrated into our platform. This planning tool works backward from your exam date to help you map out your milestones and work around section-specific deadlines.

By taking the guesswork out of study planning, it helps you develop great study habits to pass your exams. You’ll always know what you need to accomplish, and by when, with both section and subsection views that help you hit important dates.

2. Streamline Your Studies

Newly improved navigation indicators make tracking your study progress easier, so you never get lost and always know what to do next:

If we’ve done our jobs right, you won’t even notice these features, just how you benefit. These navigational elements add up to a new system that makes your studying experience smoother and keeps your mind on the material.

3. Get to the Heart of the Discussion

Many aspiring actuaries report our discussion boards are crucial to their studying experience.

After all, you get direct contact with coaches, answers to pressing questions, and support from fellow students.

Now, we’ve made discussions even better. Smarter voting metrics show you the most popular threads and most upvoted comments. And improved indicators help you keep up to date on the discussions you’re involved in.

The result is streamlined discussions that prevent redundant posts and help you quickly reach the answer you’re looking for.

Tools to Build Your Confidence

Introducing Mastery Score™

You know our Earned Level (EL) system. Now, we’re taking our metrics even further with Mastery Score™, designed to complement your EL and help you feel even more confident in your exam readiness.

Mastery Score evaluates your understanding of the material based on your performance on every practice problem you attempt. Through this assessment, we give you tailored recommendations from our expert coaches on how to lift your score.

For example, if you’re struggling in one topic, Mastery Score points you toward focused quizzes. These tailored recommendations help you use your time in the best possible way and build to a Mastery Score that you can be confident in.

Exams That Simulate the Real Thing

Sitting for an exam in an unfamiliar environment can be nerve-wracking! That’s why we’ve designed our new practice exam interface to closely resemble (and even improve on, in our humble opinion) the real exam interface.

We aim to boost your comfort and reduce your stress on exam day. Familiarity with the exam interface means one less obstacle to your success.

Section Reports That Dive Deeper

Now, when you finish a section of content, you’ll get a useful summary of how you performed in specific areas. We follow a red/yellow/green light schema, where topics that need extra attention are marked in red and the topics at which you excelled are green. We even provide global averages that enable you to compare your performance against your peers.

Our goal is to provide an overview of your performance and empower you to take quick action. No more guessing about where to focus.

Coming to an Exam Course Near You Very Soon

We’re rolling this update out into two exam groupings. The first (coming in early April) will include all exams that are multiple-choice-based. Included in the first roll-out are the following:

The second group is currently targeted for later this year and will include written-answer exams with a whole new self-assessment rubric built directly into our exam interface. These exams include:

Closing Thoughts

Phew, that was a lot! We hope you’re excited as we are about these updates and we look forward to continuing to deliver you the best products in the industry.

We’re always listening to students on ways to improve our product. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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