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Since we updated our platform 3 months ago, the Coaching Actuaries team has reviewed hundreds of pieces of your feedback. You’ve suggested plenty of improvements, and we really appreciate the time you’ve devoted.

In your feedback, two themes stood out. You thought we could (1) use your screen space more efficiently and (2) refine our navigation. We agreed, and we’ve been hard at work implementing those changes!

Later this week (i.e., 2–3 days from now), we’re releasing these updates to all students. We hope you enjoy them, whether you’re a classic user or brand-new to the platform. And as always, let us know your feedback.
Now, let’s dig into the updates.

All About Better Usability

Overall layout and interface updates

Starting with the platform’s overall layout, there are a handful of interface updates you’ll notice as soon as you log in.

First, we’ve moved the Notifications, Search, Scheduler, and Profile Menu buttons from the top right to the bottom left. Why does that matter?

Illustration showing the account menu moving from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.

This improvement makes room for our dynamic new navigation header, which you’ll see on every platform page. We have bigger plans for this nav bar. But for now, it houses your Learn completion status, sticky breadcrumbs, discussion navigation, and a table of contents fly-out.

Illustration with the text: NEW Top Bar Completion Status  Sticky Breadcrumbs  Discussions Navigation  Table of Contents

Now, you can find your way around the platform more easily and get to what you need even faster.

Finally, we’ve reworked all Learn lesson layouts to give you a more focused study experience. We’ve streamlined our presentation, so manuals are distraction-free, assignments provide a more focused viewport, and videos play at a larger size without messing with your browser size!

A showcase of how the content now looks.

Under-the-surface improvements you might also appreciate.

We’ve put a lot of thought into improving how we use the space between elements and how they interact. You might notice this update on the Home Dashboard, but we’ve also incorporated these improvements throughout Learn to improve your experience with smaller screen sizes.

Three screens of the platform that show off improvements. There is a new dashboard and Learn design.

This update also contains a dozen more quality-of-life updates including (but not limited to) consistency in icons, status indicators, breadcrumb behavior, exam interface functionality, platform-wide use of labels and tooltips, and various bug fixes. In short, we’re always improving to help you succeed.

As always, thank you.

You provided the feedback that fueled this update. We hope these improvements make your studying smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable. We appreciate your input!

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