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Today, a refreshed design and several new features have been added to your Exam 5 course! We’ve been hard at work on these innovative new tools, and they are now fully integrated into Exam 5.

With this new look and these new tools, we aim to elevate your study experience and ensure you feel supported, confident, and motivated to keep studying. Let’s explore how they’ll improve your time preparing for Exam 5.

1. Comprehensive Item Types

Could studying actually be … fun? Our new Exam 5 item types help make it so, including constructed response, spreadsheet, multiple choice with multiple selection, and fill in the blank questions. These dynamic additions add more excitement to your study routine.

Especially important, spreadsheet item types are embedded directly into the interface and replicate the real exam environment. This ensures you’re fully equipped to tackle any challenge Exam 5 might throw your way.

Gone are the days of mere multiple choice. Our item types prepare you for the full spectrum of what you’ll find on Exam 5.

2. Self-Grading Tool

We understand how important self-assessment is for Exam 5, especially for spreadsheet and constructed response questions. However, grading your own work can be challenging and time-consuming without instructor guidance.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new self-grading tool to Exam 5. Through a detailed rubric, you can identify your weak areas, understand your exam readiness, and minimize the risk of errors caused by manual self-grading.

Ultimately, grading yourself allows our platform to accurately calculate your Mastery Score, about which more below.

"The videos, manual and new self-grading tool were great and made the content easy to understand and practice." – Emily, Coaching Actuaries user

3. Mastery Score

Brand new to Exam 5, this performance metric will help you understand your proficiency in the material and evaluate your performance on every practice problem you attempt, including spreadsheet item types. You also get tailored recommendations from our expert coaches on how to raise your score.

Once you’ve unlocked Mastery Score, you’ll work to get your score as high as possible. Our goal is to boost your confidence in your competence, so that you walk into your exam feeling ready to pass.

“Mastery Score is really helpful and helped identify where I needed to focus my efforts leading up to the exam.” – Graham, Coaching Actuaries user

4. Integrated Scheduler

Finally, Exam 5 now features an integrated scheduler to make study planning a breeze. This intuitive tool works backward from your exam date, allowing you to map out milestones and meet section-specific deadlines.

By providing both section and subsection views, our new integrated scheduler ensures that you stay organized and on track.

“The study schedule with Learn helps keep me on pace to learn most of the information before I need to cram practice problems closer to the exam." – Samantha, Coaching Actuaries user

Whether you're seeking better study planning, personalized recommendations, engaging problem-solving experiences, or streamlined self-assessment, Exam 5 on Coaching Actuaries has you covered. Let us know if you have any questions!

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