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The new Coaching Actuaries website is launching today! It’s all about making your journey to actuarial success smoother and more informed, and we’ve invested lots of love into this update. Here are four reasons we’re excited.

1. Consistent Presentation

As you might know, we have been rolling out an updated platform over the past several months. Course by course, we’ve updated our tools and presentation to ensure you enjoy your studies and walk into your exam feeling confident.

Now, our new website update matches the look and feel of our platform, ensuring a consistent, high-quality experience from your first visit onward!

An illustration showing a side by side of our marketing site and the platform, demonstrating consistency in appearance.

2. Dedicated Space for Courses

Now, each and every course we offer, from Exam FM to Exam 5, gets its own dedicated space. Each course page is packed with details and insights to ensure that you feel fully informed about your course and the exam. You can meet your coaches, investigate key features, get exam tips, and more.

Overview Get a feel for the course and what you'll cover as well as meet your content coaches and video instructor. Features See what unique features we offer within our course as well as see examples of content. Exam Details Dive into the details of each exam from important dates, to coach tips, to content counts and topic weights.

3. Streamlined, Informed Purchasing

Many aspiring actuaries visit our website wanting to make a purchase and start on their studies immediately. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined purchasing process, so you can get in and get started.

Each pricing page also includes a feature comparison list, as well as a list of upcoming exam dates, so you can make a fully informed purchase.

A look at the course-specific pricing page, featuring a breakdown of pricing options and a comparison list.

4. A Wealth of Wisdom

Need a little extra guidance? We’re adding a blog! The very blog you’re reading right now, in fact. From exam tips and detailed product updates to career advice, we’ve got you covered. It’s your new go-to source for all things actuarial.

Thank you for being part of the incredible community around Coaching Actuaries.

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