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Exam PA Course Enhancement Plan and New Instructors

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Tong Teh

Hello, everyone. First, thank you for considering Coaching Actuaries for your exam preparation. Your trust in our products, services, and team means a lot to us. We don’t take our responsibility to you lightly.

That’s why we strive to continually innovate and improve our products, as we bring you the tools you need to pass your exams. For our Exam Predictive Analytics (PA) Course, we’ve heard your feedback—and we’ve worked diligently on enhancing this course.

Starting today, we’re rolling out new materials for our Exam PA Course. These updates respond to your feedback, reflect your insights, and align with our mission to provide high-quality learning across all courses.

Let’s explore the course for Exam PA updates in more detail!

Enhancing PA Study Materials

Our PA team has been working on comprehensive improvement plan for our Exam PA Course, to be rolled out between today (June 21) and September. This complete overhaul includes:

  • A brand-new manual, created from the ground up and packed with the level of detail and information you've come to expect from our other courses.
  • Completely revamped video lessons that incorporate the valuable feedback and insights we’ve gained from past students.
  • A singular focus on the information and exam style that’s most relevant to the current Exam PA curriculum.

The new manual and video lessons will be released in stages. As new material becomes available, it will replace existing content. The following is our release schedule for these updates:

Release Timeline for Course PA

We're committed to delivering material on or before these dates, and we’ll keep you notified as content is updated.

Welcoming New Instructors to the Team

As part of our updates to the Exam PA Course, we’re thrilled to announce that two new video instructors will be joining our team: Parker Henley, FSA, and Derek Koster, FSA.

New PA Video Instructors

We’ve always believed in the power of a team approach, and as we look to the future, we recognize the importance of growing our team of instructors. Parker and Derek bring several benefits to the team:

  • Fresh Perspectives: They complement our existing video instructors, Coach K and Coach Mike, who will continue supporting other exams and who have worked with Parker and Derek to prepare them for video instruction.
  • Qualifications and Passion: Both Parker and Derek are highly qualified, passionate about helping students succeed, and have passed Exam PA themselves.
  • History with Coaching Actuaries: Both have been involved with Coaching Actuaries for years, starting as interns assisting students on the discussion forum.
  • Professional Experience: Both are FSAs and practicing actuaries with years of industry experience. Parker is a Consulting Actuary at Milliman FRM in Chicago, while Derek is an Associate Actuary at American Equity in Des Moines.

Our Exam PA course video lessons with Parker and Derek will follow the same rigorous content creation and quality control processes in place for other courses. All videos are carefully crafted and reviewed to ensure consistency in instructional quality that meets our (and your) high standards.

Closing Remarks

We're incredibly excited about these enhancements to our Exam PA Course and the addition of Parker and Derek to our team. We believe these improvements will help you feel prepared and confident as you tackle Exam PA.

As always, we're here for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out at We value your input and are committed to supporting you every step of the way!

Tong Teh

President, Coaching Actuaries

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