ALTAM and ASTAM Refresh (And New Self-Grading Tool!)

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Our ALTAM and ASTAM experience is receiving a big refresh this week, and you will notice the changes and new features as soon as you log in! We've introduced a new suite of tools to help you feel more confident and prepared for your exams.

Icons for Mastery Score, Section Reports, Study Scheduler, and Quiz Builder

Mastery Score™
This new metric measures your exam readiness and gives you personalized feedback from our coaches. You can improve your Mastery Score by diligently using our new self-grading tool (more on that below) and following our coaches’ recommendations.

Section Reports
These are quick overviews of your performance on specific sections. You can see how well you did on the written-answer questions and the mock exams, then identify the areas that need more attention.

Study Scheduler
Our new built-in scheduler helps you plan your study time and stay on track. Set your exam date and get deadlines for completing materials. We’ll let you know if you’re running behind, so you can pick up the pace or change priorities.

Quiz Builder
This new feature lets you create quizzes to practice the topics you want. You can choose the number and type of questions and get instant feedback on your answers. (Your performance on these quizzes affects your Mastery Score!)

Want to learn more? You can read more in-depth about each of these new features in Our Upgraded Learning Experience. We’ve added these new improvements to ALTAM and ASTAM to make your time on Coaching Actuaries even more productive.

Introducing Our New Self-Grading Tool

The challenge of self-grading is one students often face when preparing for the ALTAM and ASTAM exams. After all, without instructor guidance, measuring your own performance and progress can be quite difficult.

Until now, that is! Alongside the new features mentioned above, we're introducing an innovative new self-grading tool that transforms this challenge into a non-issue.

Using a detailed rubric, the new Coaching Actuaries self-grading tool allows you to easily rate your own answers. You will also get valuable metrics and suggestions from your Mastery Score.

Icons representing the three key benefits of the self-grading tool. Ease of Use from Paper to Platform, Provide Performance Metrics and Stats, and Measurable Level of Preparedness

How to Use the Self-Grading Tool

Our new self-grading tool allows you to assess your own answers to practice questions for the ALTAM and ASTAM exams. You can see this process visualized in the video above or read on to see how it works:

  1. Write your answers to the written-answer questions on paper, just like on the actual exam.
  2. After you complete all the questions on paper, proceed to self-grading on our platform and keep your paper answers handy.
  3. Review each question once again, using a toggle that lets you switch between two views: the question view and the rubric view.
  4. In the rubric view, evaluate your written answer and assign yourself a score based on the correct answer components and their point values.
  5. Be honest and objective in your self-grading, as this will affect the feedback and recommendations you receive from our team.
  6. After you grade all of your answers based on the self-grading rubric, submit your scores and see your results.
  7. Over time, access your Practice dashboard to track your performance using your Mastery Score and Section Reports.

By using our new self-grading tool, you can assess your understanding and boost your confidence for the exam. You can also identify the topics you need to prioritize and get personalized action items from our coaches.

We hope these new features and tools make your studying smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Your input is greatly appreciated, so let us know if you have questions or suggestions along the way.

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