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Introductions are in order

My name is Logan and I’ve been with CA for just over 3 years. Although I will likely never be able to answer a question that involves formulas or mathematical concepts, I can competently communicate the creative process and various other ways students will start to count on change from Coaching Actuaries. I wanted to take a moment to provide a brief background that would help set the stage for this article and generally say hello.

Bringing design and technology together

Almost 15 years ago, I started my career in an entirely different world of advertising agencies and design shops, where I worked with various brands such as Apple, Target, Riot Games, and a bunch of others you’ve probably never heard of (not for lack of trying on my part). During that time, I worked on logos, various campaigns, websites, in-person experiences, VR/tech initiatives, and everything in between.

The intersection of design and technology has always felt incredibly powerful to me—and relevant to Coaching Actuaries. Soon after I joined the company, we found ourselves wanting to push the brand and the product further. Our goal is to create a more positive impact on our students and their pursuits through the fusion of these two disciplines.

As Coach K can attest, we’ve had countless conversations in his office that are solely focused on what we can do for the future of our students and education in a larger sense. That greater purpose is infectious.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

You might’ve noticed Coaching Actuaries has a new logo. We’ve received a variety of reactions over the past month and I’m truly grateful to anyone who has taken time to offer up their feedback. Your feedback expresses a desire to be a part of the conversation and shows your love for the brand and your investment in the decisions we make as a company.

It’s important to acknowledge that everyone responds to change differently and to different degrees. Like Coach K mentioned in his video, change can be difficult, but it provides new opportunities.

A comparison between our old logo and new logo

A closer look at the process

One of the core values at Coaching Actuaries is never settling for what is. We are always looking to try new things, solve problems differently, and push ourselves—and our students—to be better. The simple act of introducing a new logo has brought renewed energy across the board.

Companies put a lot of thought behind decisions such as changing logos, brands, promises, even colors and typography. Coaching Actuaries was certainly no exception. Although there was nothing objectively “wrong” with the old logo (in fact, the logo was something the team didn’t consider until further into the process), we felt it was time for an update to better represent where we’re headed.

Above are various snapshots of the logo process through the past 2 years. When I sat down to write this article, it was fun to go back and revisit older ideas. Some still hold a special place in my heart, and some I’m happy never got so much as a second glance. I decided to share these, as I think it goes to show how many corners we looked in. We’re all pleased with where we ultimately landed and are extremely excited to build on this foundation.

Speaking of foundations, one of the more memorable parts of this logo redesign was keeping the alpha symbol in the logo–a nod to tradition. It was important to the team to keep a touch of familiarity alongside the update. And for me, it stuck out as a moment where collaboration was at the center of each decision from start to finish.

This probably won’t be a surprise to you, but there are so many talented and creative people on the Coaching Actuaries team. They are willing to invest their time to get every little detail just right. And if they believe a change will improve your experience, they go all in.

Creating the path to count on

As you’ve probably gathered, the refreshed branding is a result of many conversations, meetings and decisions. The use of a more singular start-to-end shape of our company’s initials represents our ongoing commitment to laying out a path for our students and helping to lead them down that path–giving them something to count on.

The wordmark received a lot of care and attention to keep our brand fresh, modern and distinguished. Keeping a notion of the past, the form of an alpha symbol ties both old and new together. Here’s what the new logo looks like living in two different contexts:

Bringing these elements together, our new brand identity expresses our decisions as a company, is designed to grow with our products, and positions us to (finally) start telling the story we want to tell. All of this is our first step in refining the content, platform, technology, and the design that wraps itself around all of it. It was really quite a journey to get us here and we’re just getting started!

Final thoughts to chew on

If you made it to the end, my hat’s off to you. I couldn’t be more proud and humbled by the work everyone has put in as we push into our next phase as a company, as leaders, and as partners to our students. And I’m extremely excited to show you more in the coming months!

Until then,
Count on Coaching Actuaries

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