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Please note that all prep tools for FM are designed for the new syllabus taking effect in Summer 2017.

We have the tools you need to prepare for Exam FM, including video instruction, our online study manual for the latest exam syllabus, and Adapt.

Adapt Exams

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  • Practice Exams
  • Validating Learning
  • Mastering Math
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  • Custom Quizzes & Exams
  • Earned Level®

Online Manual

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  • Learning Concepts
  • Topical Reference
  • Learning Mechanics
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  • Numerous Examples
  • Exam-Focused
  • Tricks & Shortcuts


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  • Preparing for the Exam
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  • 5+ Hours of Video
  • Video Instruction
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Video Lessons + Online Manual

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  • Visual Learners
  • Concept Review
  • Clear Explanations
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  • 12+ Hours of Video
  • Video Instruction
  • Problems Solved Visually


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  • Mastering FM
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Bundles of Adapt/Video/
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Your Exam FM Team

  • Dave Kester

    Dave Kester

    FSA, MAAA, Lead FM Instructor
  • Tong Khon Teh

    Tong Khon Teh

    CFA, FSA, Lead FM Coach
  • Baron Cao

    Baron Cao

    Assistant FM Coach
  • Shi Yi Wong

    Shi Yi Wong

    ASA, Assistant FM Coach
  • Larry Saw

    Larry Saw

    Assistant FM Coach
  • Felicia Lai

    Felicia Lai

    Assistant FM Coach
  • Fred Brautigam

    Fred Brautigam

    Assistant FM Coach
  • Lee Ping Chong

    Lee Ping Chong

  • Parker Henley

    Parker Henley

  • Vincent Kok

    Vincent Kok

  • Terence Chow

    Terence Chow, ASA, CFA

  • Brooke Fultz

    Brooke Fultz


I love the instruction videos--specifically the ones taught by Coach Kester. His voice is very clear, and he provides direct ways to tackle problems, and often times gives different angles for solving problems.

Brent, Chicago

Adapt allows you to build your skills continuously and it is a great way to track the types of questions in which you excel and the other topics which could use some improvement. I can't thank you enough for creating the best method to practice for these tough tests!

Kolby, California

After I failed the FM exam the first time, I wasn't sure where to start studying again. The manual in the ecourse (now Study Bundle) and the Adapt program gave me a clear-cut path to get back up to speed and pass the exam.

Chris, Los Angeles

Coaching Actuaries prepared me for the exam more in one month than an entire semester of classes did.

Nick, USA

Coaching actuaries developed me throughly and literally coached me to understand and master all topics and all problems. It developed me so well that I felt no pressure while solving the FM and felt that it was easy.

Lobna, Egypt

Coaching Actuaries is by far the simplest and most effective way to pass an actuarial exam. Adapt is so convenient because it tells you exactly what and how much you still need to study.

Audrey, USA

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