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Roger Natarajan
Nathan Stemberger
Conner Merritt
Scott Kim
Jeremy Yardas
Jake Yardas
Ashley Hamberg
Aaron Kimmet
Jonathan Haeseley
Jacob Terry
Jeffrey Ohl
Lisa Puthenveetil
Max Geifman
MaxKaren Liu
Wilson Wong
Kinga Mamulska
Trent Naismith

Success Tweets

@oguzhankilic91 @coachingactuary adapt is honestly the best! Using it for fm and feel like ill ace the exam next week :) Dear Twitterverse: is the best investment ever.

Stephanie Borowiec@StephBorowiec

One last @coachingactuary plug. If you are trying to pass #actuarialexams, there is no better tool than ADAPT. Best resource out there!

@ Matt P
Matt P@MLBactuary

Anyone taking preliminary #actuary exams should consider Adapt from @coachingactuary. Great practice for CBT exams!


Big thanks to #Adapt and @coachingactuary. I've passed my first actuarial exam today ;) #ExamP

@ Oguzhan 'Oz' Kilic
Oguzhan 'Oz' Kilic@oguzhankilic91

Dear Twitterverse: @coachingactuary is the best investment ever.

Mike Tarpey@AnnuityDew

Highly, HIGHLY recommended. #actuary

Scott Chill@Scott_Chill

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