MAS-I Bundle

Get both tools you need to pass the exam for one lower price.

With the Bundle, you get:


Understand every MAS-I concept with detailed video lessons and a concise online study manual.


Practice exam-style questions that challenge you at your level. Take custom quizzes or full-length exams.

Adapt helped build me up to where I needed to be. It pushed me In exams little by little with challenging questions and I was able to figure them out the more tests I took.

Gillian, Passed FM 2017


Mobile Friendly

Access our manual and videos on any device with our web-based format.

Flexible Learning

Learn your way with our video lessons, online manual, or both in combination.

Dynamic Difficulty

Adapt gives you harder questions the better you perform, so you get the right question at the right time.

Section Reports

Analytics of your performance across each exam topic help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.


Every Product Includes

Discussion Forums

Our community of actuarial coaches and students answer your questions and exchange study methods.

Formula Sheet

All the essential exam formulas you need in one place for maximum memorization and rapid review.

Study Schedule

A customizable planner to keep you on track and use your study time efficiently.