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Adapt: a 4 wheel-drive monster truck

After my failure in November, it took some time for me to want to look at another probability distribution or Venn Diagram, therefore, my preparation for the January sitting began, well, in January. I needed a new resource, something that I could be confident in. This led me to discovering Adapt, the 4-wheel drive monster truck for the muddy, dilapidated road that is the path to becoming an actuary.

Right away I loved the format and user interface of Adapt, I began taking practice exams with only 2 and a half weeks until my exam sitting. After my first practice exam, seeing my earned level rise to 4, then to 5, the competitive and determined spirit in me had me taking at least one or two practice exams per day, with the goal of reaching the 7+ earned level range. The day before sitting, after reaching an earned level close to 8, I felt extremely confident in my preparation, however, I had felt confident before, only to be no where near prepared.

As I progressed through the exam, question after question, marking a few, reaching the end with 25 minutes to spare, I realized that I had only marked 4 questions with which I had partial uncertainty. “I KNEW THE SOLUTIONS TO 26?!?” I thought. After using those last 25 minutes working, there was only 1 question I was unsure of, narrowed down to 50/50 on two of the answer selections. As I hit END, nervously shaking, still fearing the dreaded “unsuccessful” screen, I pass quickly through the prometric “rate this center” screens, and the final screen appeared…


I had passed. I was one step closer. I read the screen over about a dozen times before my disbelief faded.

I couldn’t believe that all my hard work finally paid off, I am sure with probability equal to 1 that I couldn’t have done it without Adapt and I would so highly recommend it to anyone taking these exams. First time or fifth time, use Adapt. I will be taking exam FM in April, using Adapt all the way up to my exam sitting.

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