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Please note that all our prep tools for MFE are designed for the new syllabus taking effect in Summer 2017.

Learn everything you need to know to pass Exam MFE. Instructors Abraham Weishaus, PhD, FSA, CFA, MAAA; Dave Kester, FSA, MAAA; and Tong Teh, FSA, CFA make every exam concept clear and understandable. Raise your odds® by pairing with Adapt and the ASM Manual in our Study Bundle

  • Covers Entire Syllabus
  • 20+ Hours of Instruction
  • Works on Mobile Devices
  • Problems Solved Visually
  • Shares Adapt Structure
  • Learn Faster
  • Discussion Forum
4.5 out of 494 ratings

All Video Lesson subscriptions are for 180 days and only include a Pass Guarantee if purchased in a Bundle. Pass Guarantee is good for one extension of 180 days if you fail the exam.

The Video Lessons are not boring lectures.
Instruction is visual and engaging to keep you focused."

Dave Kester
FSA, MAAA, Video Instructor

The Coaching Library for MFEOver 20 Hours of Instruction

Our instructors inform you on all the major subjects you will find covered on the exam. Thousands of actuarial students have already benefited from our video instruction. Our instructors boil down complex actuarial subjects in a simple way that's easy to understand.

I found the lectures to be very helpful. They covered all of the material on the exam and there were some topics that the lectures skipped that were not needed for the exam.

Daniel, Indiana

Easily Follow Solutions Problems Solved Visually

Many of our video lessons are devoted to clarifying problems and formulas step-by-step in a visual manner. We have found this is the best way for you to fully grasp the complex subjects on the exam.

I love this guy in the videos. He is clear and to the point. These videos were the golden egg of my Adapt experience

Andrew, Calgary, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of videos does Coaching Actuaries provide?

    • Video Lessons - Teaches everything you need to know to pass the exam
    • Adapt Solution Videos - Educates students on how to solve particular types of problems
    • Review FM, MFE, and C - Review videos that concisely cover all testable exam topics.
  • Do the videos come with a Pass Guarantee?

    Video Lessons only have a Pass Guarantee if purchased in a Bundle. If you fail the exam you can extend your subscription for one additional subscription period of 180 days. This renewal can only be used once. We require proof that you are re-registering for the exam.

  • Is there any difference between the Video Lessons and the videos in the Study Bundle?

    No, they are the same set of videos.

  • Can videos be downloaded for offline viewing?

    No, video lessons are hosted on You need an internet connection to view the lessons.

  • Do videos come with video solutions to practice exercises?

    Yes, videos lessons also come with video solutions for many of the example exercises in the Manual.

  • Are the video lessons boring?

    If you're as excited about actuarial science as we are, you won't be bored.

  • How are the videos organized?

    The Video Lessons follow the structure of the Coaching Actuaries Manual or the ASM Manual, as well as Adapt, to to make it easy to study using all three resources together.

  • System Requirements

    We strive to support the last 2 versions of all modern browsers.
    Works on updated devices with iOS or Android OS.
    Requires an active internet connection.

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