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Adapt for Exam MFE
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Please note that all our prep tools for MFE are designed for the new syllabus taking effect in Summer 2017.

Adapt gives you an unparalleled experience in preparing for Exam MFE. This is why so many actuarial students choose Adapt. According to our last Spring survey result, 96.5% of our users rated Adapt as Good (28.2% of total) or Excellent (68.3%). Users said they appreciated the Earned Level®, which lets you know your progress toward being prepared. Others really liked the ability to create custom quizzes for the sections they are studying. And 5.7% of users simply told us they "love Adapt". We invite you to try out Adapt for Exam MFE - maybe you'll fall in love too.

  • Earned Level®
  • Section Report
  • Question Bank of 1050+
  • Dynamic difficulty
  • Written solutions
  • 650+ Video solutions
  • Discuss each question
  • Customizable exams
  • Formula Sheet
  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • All-star technical support
4.5 out of 2,229 ratings

Most people spend time practicing problems they already know,
Adapt gives you the right problem at the right time based on your Earned Level® so you don’t waste your study time."

Tim Huffman
Ph.D. in Mathematics, Inventor of the Adapt Exam Engine

The Adapt Earned Level® Concept
Get Exam Confidence

Adapt tells you where you are and where you need to be. Adapt is the only MFE question bank that adapts to your skill level. This provides you with questions at your current difficulty, not too easy but not too difficult.

How it works:

  1. You start with an Earned Level® of 0.
  2. The Adapt engine will give you questions at and slightly above your current difficulty.
  3. As you answer questions correctly, your Earn Level will increase.
  4. Take exams until you are confident that you will pass. We recommend at least an Earned Level® of 7.
  5. As you practice taking exams, you gain confidence that you will not fail.

2013 SOA Results vs. Adapt Students with at least an Earned Level® of 7


The Adapt Question Generator
Create Custom Exams and Quizzes

Your exams and quizzes will be tailored to your skill level. Our question database of over 1050+ questions means you can take dozens of quizzes and exams. You will find questions created exclusively for Adapt as well as questions from past SOA exams.

  • Adapt’s Exam Engine lets you choose the difficulty level for your questions.
  • Adapt also lets you build custom quizzes on specific topics, which is great for studying and for review to make sure you do not lose any of the things you’ve studied.

Love ADAPT, excellent tool for studying.

Amber, Sebastopol, CA

A mock exam is static. Adapt is dynamic.
That makes all the difference.

Dave Kester
Owner of

Discussion Forum

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to network with other students and the Coaching Actuaries team on our question discussions. Each problem you see in your Adapt exam has a unique discussion thread that is easily accessible when reviewing the solution.

The Adapt Solutions
Multiple Ways for Understanding

Ever get stuck on a question that you can't figure out? Let us help you with our easy to understand solutions.

Not only do we have a written explanation for every question, but 650++ questions also have video solutions where our coaches instruct you through the solution.

If you're still stuck, you can post to our discussion forum and get feedback from our coaches and your peers.

What do I like about Adapt? Basically everything!! you rock!!

Boris, Chicago, IL
Sample Video Solution

Adapt for P and FM was good, but I will highly recommend Adapt for MFE because the real test is highly similar to a level 5-6 exam. There were no surprises. Thank you!

I loved that taking the exam felt like the true test experience. I felt this helped to prepare me for the anxiety of the test and prepare me in an atmosphere just like the test.

The actual exam felt just like one of the Adapt exams, which made me feel confident right away.

Anthony, Maine

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    Everyone begins taking practice problems at their current level of knowledge, and as the questions are mastered, Adapt will provide new questions at a more difficult level. The goal is for students to reach exam-level difficulty questions and be able to master those questions. This is unmatched by any practice exams on the market today.

  • Who should use Adapt?

    ​Students who want to take practice tests in exam-like conditions. The CBT tool closely simulates the one used by the SOA and CAS. For anyone who is preparing and needs to practice large amounts of problems, Adapt is the tool for them. Each exam has a large database of questions to draw from.

  • What is the Pass Guarantee?

    ​The Pass Guarantee allows you to renew your Adapt subscription for another equal length period if you do not pass your exam. This renewal can only be used once. We require proof that you are re-registering for the exam.

  • Do you provide custom subscription lengths for Adapt?

    ​No. Adapt only comes in the subscription lengths offered on our website.

  • Is my information saved if I purchase an additional Adapt subscription?

    If you purchase an additional Adapt subscription for the same exam, all of your account's exam information (including Earned Level®, previous exams, and reports) will be saved.

  • How does the Earned Level® actually work?

    We have created a helpful tutorial video to walk you through how our Earned Level works. You can watch it here.

  • System Requirements

    We strive to support the last 2 versions of all modern browsers.
    Works on updated devices with iOS or Android OS.
    Requires an active internet connection.

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