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Alert: Syllabus Changes
There were changes from the Spring 2017 GHS exam syllabus for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. View a list of the changes on this Excel file. Download a customizable study schedule here. Specialty materials are available now. Any updates to the material (i.e. due to syllabus changes) will continue to be made, and will be indicated in the updates section of your Coaching Actuaries dashboard when they occur.

The Group and Health Specialty exam is challenging and rewarding. The exams cover many aspects of healthcare including aspects of long duration health contracts, assessing and controlling for risk of health contracts, actuarial appraisals, and risk adjustment. Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAA has helped prepare hundreds of actuarial students to pass Group & Health exams since 2007. His student's success has been a result of Colin's excellent content, teaching and, of course, student's diligent efforts executing his plan. To prepare students even more effectively, Colin decided a team approach provides the best exam prep for difficult exams. So, Colin has joined the Coaching Actuaries team to raise Group & Health prep to an even higher level.

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Your GHS Coach

Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAAA

Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAA is passionate about helping actuaries pass the Group & Health exams. Colin has been helping actuaries prepare for exams since 2003. He's been teaching the health exams since 2007 through live and online seminars.

Colin, I just returned from the FAC in Vancouver this week and I am proud to report that I am a new FSA! I would have never gotten here without all of your help, dedication, and guidance


I attended your GH specialty live seminar and passed the exam. Thank you!


A special thank you to the following individuals for their valuable input into this material:

  • Frederic Tremblay, INALCO
  • Hans Leida, Milliman
  • Michael Polakowski, Milliman
  • James O'Connor, Milliman
  • Rick Leavitt, The Smith Group
  • Michael Weilant, Milliman
  • Rob Bachler, Milliman
  • Kija Kari Davis, BCBS TX
  • Ian Duncan, Solucia Inc.
  • Dale Yamamoto, Red Quill Consulting
  • James Lam, James Lam & Associates
  • William Bluhm, Milliman
  • Dan Skwire, Milliman
  • John Heins, PolySystems, Inc.
  • Thomas Herget
  • Jonathan Shreve, Milliman
  • Sam Boustani, Milliman
  • Maria Ilea, ConnectiCare
  • Mike Carmody, JAM (formerly), AdaptPrep CFA
  • Wayne Stuenkel, Protective Life Corp
  • Todd Lueders, Ingenix Consulting
  • Ray Nelson, Ability Re
  • Tom Messer, Cogito Actuarial & Statistics
  • Karen Oliver, Harbridge Consulting Group LLC

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