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Practice Bundle
19+ Hours of Video Solutions

The practice bundle includes all four of our practice and review products as well as the video solutions for 63 Past SOA Problems. It is a comprehensive preparation resource perfect for your last months before the exam.

  • Case Study
  • 118 detailed solutions for Past SOA Problems
  • 30+ Original Practice Questions
  • 880+ page Flashcards
  • Video Solutions for Past SOA Problems

The math videos are especially helpful as they teach you how to solve the problems that will most likely show up on the exam.


Case Study
Learn Real World Application

The case study portion of the exam tests your ability to apply your knowledge. But relating the syllabus readings to real world scenarios can be challenging. This product prepares you for the case study portion of the exam with sample questions based on the exhibits in the SOA case study releases. Product specific FSAs contributed content to this product. Most of the questions are quantitative and are in excel format. The case study includes 50+ questions, with most of the questions being quantitative and in excel format.

I found out that I passed my DP exam in May. I just want to say thank you since I wouldn't be able to do it without your help. I really believe that your seminar, step by step past exam solutions and sample case study questions were the main reasons that I passed this exam.


Past SOA Problems
Solutions for 118 exam problems

Formerly known as Problem Supplement.
Past SOA problems are one of your best resources available. Formulas and commentary are provided in the solutions that are unique to this product.

We have selected the relevant SOA exam quantitative questions and have created comprehensive solutions to help you understand the problems. We focus on the quantitative questions, as the Manuals are a good resource for preparing for the qualitative questions. Solutions to recent questions are in Excel to clarify the calculations. Solutions to older questions are in printable PDF.

Past SOA Problems with video solutions are also available. They are included as part of the Practice Bundle or the Complete seminar.

  • 76 questions in Excel format
  • 42 question in PDF format

Practice Problems
30+ Original Exam-Style Questions

Practice problems are original and prior SOA questions. The majority of questions are quantitative with a few qualitative. Questions are representative of the difficulty level of actual exam questions. Some questions have multiple parts.

I would like to thank you for producing such wonderful study materials... Most of the mathematical problems that were on the actual exam were similar to what you had provided.


Printable PDF

Over 800 flashcards with the key lists to know. Many lists span multiple cards. Flashcards are organized by 42 topics. The flashcard content is similar to the condensed manual but in a format easier to navigate and study. Flashcards can be printed or used digitally on various devices.

Colin condenses the material to a manageable amount while still covering all the material tested. In fact, he has an amazing ability to guess what the SOA might ask. The lists provided were accurate and helped deal with redundant study material.


I really enjoy the math problems that Colin, with patience, deconstructs & reconstructs, to arrive to a solution that, finally, makes sense! I truly recommend his seminars to all!

I passed CSP on the first attempt. Thanks for providing great and detailed materials and for all of your help through DP as well.