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Alert: Syllabus Changes
There are changes to the Spring and Fall 2017 GHA exam syllabus. View a list of the changes on this Excel file. Download a customizable study schedule here.

Colin Condie and the Coaching Actuaries team are working together to Raise Your Odds to pass the Group & Health exams. The optimal passing strategy requires learning, practicing, and reviewing. So, we created a Complete package to provide comprehensive content for your exam preparation.

Complete Includes:

  • 37+ hours of Video Lessons
  • 19+ hours of Video Solutions for Past SOA Problems
  • 433 page Detailed Manual (PDF)
  • 278 page Condensed Manual (PDF)
  • 118 detailed solutions for Past SOA Problems
  • 30+ Original Practice Questions
  • Case Study
  • 1,000+ page Flashcards

Your Coach

Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAAA

Colin Condie, FSA, MBA, MAAA is passionate about helping actuaries pass the Group & Health exams. Colin has been helping actuaries prepare for exams since 2003. He's been teaching the health exams since 2007 through live and online seminars.

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