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Please note that all prep tools for FM are designed for the new syllabus taking effect in Summer 2017.

Raise your odds® with the latest videos from Coach Dave Kester, FSA, MAAA. Review all the testable concepts with visual explanations and exam style examples. If you have not yet studied for the exam, start with the full FM Video Lessons.

  • 5+ Hours of Instruction
  • Works on Mobile Devices
  • Problems Solved Visually
  • Discussion Forum
  • Study Efficiently
  • Formula Sheet
  • Works with Adapt
  • All-star technical support

These are the best videos I've ever done.
I am excited for students to benefit from them!"

Dave Kester
FSA, MAAA, Video Instructor

Convert your Basic Knowledge to Passing

Maximize your study time in the last month. Once you've grasped the basics, master what is required to pass with Coach K's Review FM videos.

  • Condenses the material and summarizes key concepts.
  • Straight and to the point.
  • Relevant examples included to illustrate concepts.
  • Includes new shortcuts and tricks
  • Assumes familiarity with the basic concepts to focus on preparing you for the exam
  • Incorporates the latest and best efforts of our video team to optimize your understanding and memorization
  • Pairs nicely with Adapt as a winning 1-2 study strategy the last month
  • A new and fresh perspective
Sample Video: Measurement of Interest

Student Feedback on Review FM

Absolutely love! This was my 2nd time taking the exam and I did not have enough time to rewatch all the videos so it definitely gave me a good their thorough review.

Haerhin, USA

AWESOME!!! I picked up a lot of small things that I took for granted but really didn't know until I heard some of Coach K explanation.

Hyacinthe, USA

It was concise. I didn't feel like there was a lot of excess info in every video. Very nice!

Alejandro, USA

It was great to go back and get a quick review of a topic I was having a tough time remembering.

Justin, USA

Liked that they were short but really did give all the info you needed. I watched the videos for the few sections that I was having difficulties with and they definitely helped out.

Tami, USA

This was a nice addition to my studying as it only became available before my exam and it was nice to get a little recap of everything without having to watch the original 20 minute videos.

Fiona, USA

Might've made the difference in passing or not.

Lee, USA

The videos were very well-done and contained solid explanations of the concepts.

Erol, USA

It was a fantastic tool.

Steve, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of videos does Coaching Actuaries provide?

    • Video Lessons - Teaches the basics for students new to the material
    • Adapt Solution Videos - Educates students on how to solve particular problems or tfaq-item-ypes of problems
    • Review FM, MFE, and Review C - Review videos that concisely cover all testable exam topics.
  • Is there any difference between the Review videos and the Video Lessons?

    Yes. The video lessons are in-depth teaching with 6+ times more video hours than Review. If you have not yet studied the basics for the exam, we recommend beginning with Video Lessons.

  • Can videos be downloaded for offline viewing?

    No, video lessons are hosted on You need an internet connection to view the lessons.

  • Are the videos boring?

    If you're as excited about actuarial science as we are, you won't be bored.

  • How are the videos organized?

    The videos are organized topically but follow the same structure as Adapt, Video Lessons, and the ASM manual.

  • System Requirements

    We strive to support the last 2 versions of all modern browsers.
    Works on updated devices with iOS or Android OS.
    Requires an active internet connection.

  • Do the Review videos come with a Pass Guarantee?

    No. Pass Guarantees are available for Bundles and 180 day Adapt.

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