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Process Transformation

We transform actuarial processes into seamless, efficient and controlled database solutions. Leverage the benefits of advanced database technologies without requiring database knowledge.

After installed, actuaries can maintain the system using the graphical user interface. The dynamic audit reports provide clear documentation of every formula and calculation. Customizable charts converts output into intelligence.

Predictive Modeling

We offer regression studies as well as machine learning applications. By understanding the underlying mathematics, we limit unintended consequences. We offer techniques to limit and mitigate underfitting and overfitting problems.

Do you have a unique problem? We will take the time to understand the complexities of your situation and build a model around your problem.

Actuarial Talent Placement

Have you identified your goals, but need the right people to see your plan to execution? Our team of actuaries, mathematicians, and data experts are available to work onsite to meet your business needs. Whether you need short-term executors to ensure accurate calculations or long-term consultants to help reorganize your valuation processes, we have the people that can help you make it happen.

Recent onsite projects have included:

  • Managing Monthly Interest Rate Crediting Updates for Indexed Annuities
  • Enhancing Calculations for Hedging Strategies
  • Consolidating DAC Calculations for Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Reorganization of Back-End Valuation Process
  • Calculation of Policyholder Dividends from First Principles

Customized Actuarial Systems

We are a team of experts creating actuarial systems that can’t be purchased from a vendor. Since 1995, we have customized many systems such as pricing, valuation, and illustration. We welcome difficult challenges!

State Examinations

We have provided actuarial consulting for state examinations for 15 years, primarily for the State of Iowa. We benefit from using home-grown software to efficiently calculate statutory reserves.

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