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Student Discounts
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Student Discounts have changed

  • We no longer require a .EDU e-mail address, although we still recommend using it
  • You use a coupon code to active a student discount. See below for codes
  • You must provide proof of enrollment on checkout before you complete your purchase

Students who are enrolled in an accredited college or university may receive student discounts on select products.

How To Get The Discount:

For New and Returning Users:

  1. Find your coupon code below and copy it.
  2. Paste your coupon code in the "Add Coupon" box on the checkout page .
  3. Upload a document or image verifying your enrollment with your full name clearly visible. See below for valid documents.

Please note that stand-alone products such as manuals or video lessons are not eligible for student discounts unless they are purchased as part of a bundle. See below for more details.

Enrollment Verification Document

Before you purchase you must verify your enrollment in a qualified institution with your full name clearly visible. Acceptable documents include:

  • a copy of your official student schedule with the date clearly visible
  • an official letter or correspondence from the academic institution signed by an employee or professor indicating your enrollment
  • a student ID card with a date that indicates current enrollment
If the document fails to verify your enrollment, we will suspend your account and contact you for another proof of verification. If you are unable to verify your enrollment, we will charge you the difference for the full priced product.

Current Student Discount Coupons:

Exam P
PSTUDENTBUNDLE - Save $200 on Study Bundle
PSTUDENTADAPT - Save 15% on all Adapt subscriptions
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MFESTUDENTBUNDLE - Save $245 on Study Bundle
MFESTUDENTADAPT - Save 15% on all Adapt and Review subscriptions
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FMSTUDENTBUNDLE2017 - Save $200 on Study Bundle
FMSTUDENTADAPT2017 - Save 15% on all Adapt and Review subscriptions
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CSTUDENTBUNDLE - Save $355 on Study Bundle
CSTUDENTADAPT - Save 25% on all Adapt and Review subscriptions
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MLCSTUDENTBUNDLE - Save $330 on Study Bundle
MLCSTUDENTADAPT - Save 25% on all Adapt subscriptions
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SSTUDENTADAPT - Save 25% on all Adapt and Review subscriptions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about Part-Time Students?

    Part-time students also qualify for a student discount.

  • What if I am not an Actuarial Science major?

    Student discounts are available to any qualified student regardless of major.

  • What about High School students?

    Yes, they qualify too! We have actuaries on staff who passed exams while still in high school.

  • Can Student Discounts be combined with other offers?

    No. Student discounts cannot be "stacked" with other offers or coupons.

  • Does my University have a different price for classroom use?

    Many schools have been incorporating our products into their classroom curriculum. In those cases, alternative version of Adapt or other products are offered to students at discounts that may differ from our general student discount. Please see your instructor for details.

  • Are there discounts on upgrades?

    We do offer some student discounts on product upgrades. Offers should be shown to you on your dashboard and the discounted price will be reflected on the registration page.

  • What about Unemployed Graduates?

    It is difficult for us to verify employment status and thus difficult to maintain a uniform policy. We do not currently offer unemployed discounts.

  • Do students get the Pass Guarantee?

    Yes. Purchases of a Study Bundle or any other product with a Pass Guarantee get the guarantee regardless of discount. The Pass Guarantee allows you to renew your subscription for another equal length period if you do not pass your exam. This renewal can only be used once. We require proof that you are re-registering for the exam.

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