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Coaching Actuaries now offers special tools and products specifically for colleges & universities.

Higher Education Products

Adapt and other Coaching Actuaries tools are now available for colleges and universities for supplemental and classroom use.

  • Adapt in Class
    Our flagship product is now classroom-ready. View below for more details.
  • Video Instruction for Flipped Classes
    Ideal for classes that want flexibility. Students can watch lectures outside of class, leaving class time for targeted learning.
  • Independent Studies
    Offer independent study courses for upper level exams (MFE, MLC, C) or VEE.
  • Northwestern College | Iowa
  • Bryant University
  • Albion College
  • Bradley University
  • Simpson College
  • Norwich University

Adapt in Class

Bring the power of Adapt to your classroom. Adapt can dynamically generate assignments, quizzes, and tests for your students. Students can review video solutions for many of the problems they miss.

Students also benefit from full access to Adapt to prepare for the exam. 90% who reach Earned Level 7 pass.

Student and Quiz Reporting
  • Each quiz is dynamically generated and unique
  • Custom parameters for each assignment
  • Automatic Grading
  • View class grades for each assignment
  • View each student's individual progress
Adapt in Class

Question Reporting
  • View all questions students have seen
  • Identify problems students struggle with
  • Review our forums for discussions about the question
Adapt in Class

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