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Coaching Actuaries and ASM want to help you pass Exam C. Our Video Lessons, ASM study manual, and Adapt Exam Engine can help you master the concepts in the Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models.

Adapt Exams

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  • Mastering Math
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ASM Manual

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  • 1,612 Pages
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Your Exam C Team

  • Terence Chow

    Terence Chow, ASA, CFA

    Exam C Coordinator
  • Abraham S. Weishaus, Ph.D., FSA, CFA, MAAA

    Abraham S. Weishaus

    Ph.D., FSA, CFA, MAAA
  • Tong Khon Teh

    Tong Khon Teh

    FSA, CFA
  • Chin Yew Kok

    Chin Yew Kok

  • Chloe Hung

    Chloe Hung

  • Jon Lai

    Jon Lai

  • Kong Foo Pang

    Kong Foo Pang

  • Felicia Lai

    Felicia Lai

The videos are obviously geared towards solving the questions in exam conditions.

Andrew, Ontario, Canada

Adapt was a great help for me in preparing for and passing exam 4/C. I really enjoyed the interface and the build up of difficulty.

Jen, New Hampshire

I said this after passing exams MFE and MLC and I will say it again for exam C. I would not have passed the exam without Coaching Actuaries.

Jim, United States

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